Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Hall Of Fame Vodka® made of?

One of the most eco friendly crops in the USA: corn.

Is Hall Of Fame Vodka® Gluten Free?

Absolutely, 100% Gluten Free.

Where is Hall Of Fame Vodka® made?

Hall Of Fame Vodka® is made at the beginning of the famous Whiskey Trail in Kentucky.

Why Kentucky?

We choose to distill our vodka in Kentucky for two reasons: the first, is it is known for some of the best master distillers in the world, and second we are able to utilize limestone water as the foundation for our vodka.

What is limestone water?

Limestone water has all of the iron filtered out as it flows over the rocks in Bardstown, Kentucky this results in a sweet-tasting and world-renowned mineral water which we use proudly in Hall Of Fame Vodka®.

How many times is Hall Of Fame Vodka® distilled?

We distill our vodka 6 times – We believe any more would result in the sacrifice of taste, which we would never want to do.

Can I buy shares in Hall Of Fame Spirits® and/or Hall Of Fame Vodka® or invest in any way?

We are currently 100% family owned and operated. Although we are not currently looking for external angel investors, keep checking back, you never know what we will need to grow our brand(s) moving forward.

What is the alcohol content?

90 Proof, like many of the finest whiskeys and rums of the world.

Why 90 Proof?

Two reasons we chose 90 Proof.

1) Taste: We tasted all proof levels from 70 all the way to 100. 90 proof represents the best of both worlds, taste and proof level.

2) As you can see by our bottle design, we are sports fanatics, coincidentally 90 is the distance in feet in a regulation baseball field, ninety feet from home to first, first to second, second to third, and third to home!

Do you have any other spirits or flavors of vodka?

Not at the moment, but stay tuned! Our goal is to expand the Hall of Fame Spirits brand in the future. For now, though, you can use our premium unflavored vodka your imaginations to produce your own custom infusion flavors.

Does Hall Of Fame Spirits® have any other types of liquor?

Our long term plan is to expand our liquor family to include Hall Of Fame Whiskey®, Hall Of Fame Rum®, Hall Of Fame Tequila® , and Hall Of Fame Gin®. We own trademarks on all of the above, however, our current focus is to succesfully launch HOF Vodka and to make a name for ourselves.

Where can I buy Hall Of Fame Vodka?

We are currently working with retailers, restaurants and distributors. You can find us in our home state of Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Georgia, Michigan, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Canada. You can also order us online at: Reserve Bar