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two hall of fame vodka bottles

A passion for perfection and the enjoyment of all aspects of the game runs deep in our Hall Of Fame Spirits® family. Our mission is two fold. First and foremost is to inspire the world’s best American-made Ultra-Premium Vodka. Second, is to create a distinctive brand that bottles and elicits all the intensity, emotions, valence and fandom that endears us to the game and makes us true sports fans!

Our journey took us to some of the best sporting events in the world, and what we found was amazing. Hall Of Fame Vodka® embodies the spirit of competition and the dedication it takes to achieve excellence. We are the ultimate fans of triumph over adversity, the spectacular moments that keep us on the edge of our seats, and that we never tire of seeing on replay! An athlete who turns it on to mount a comeback, the coach that inspires a team’s victory, or the teamwork and grit that perseveres despite loss is the foundation that built this brand.

We have created an American hand-crafted vodka that stands on its own merits; premium ingredients, gluten and additive free, and in an iconic sports bottle.

Distilled in Lexington, Kentucky, Hall Of Fame Vodka® is crafted by some of the best master distillers in the world. Master distillers, world-renowned limestone water, and lots of passion for the sport, have helped us to create a product second to none, and one that truly honors our love of sports. We hope you have many opportunities to enjoy Hall Of Fame Vodka®, in honor your favorite sports moments!